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Question Image How can I add Contacts? Back to Top

You can add contacts to your account by going to My Account > My Linked Accounts.

On this page you can manage your contacts and related accounts. To add a new contact click the Add New Contact link and provide the information asked of you.

Once you add the contact you will be allowed to select the contact during the order process. This is helpful because we will attempt to contact the order contact first if we have questions about your order.

Question Image I need to cancel my order, how do I do that? Back to Top

In the menu, you go to My Account > My Dashboard. There you will see a list of your most recent orders. Click the Red X to cancel an order.

If you don't see a Red X then your Order can not be cancelled. Please contact us to resolve your needs.

Question Image What are Urgent Messages? Back to Top

Urgent messages are a way in which we can communicate information to you that might require your direct attention.

Urgent messages are the messages you receive directly after you login that require you to either acknowledge them or to not acknowledge them. If you acknowledge the messages presented to you then you can continue to use the website.

If you do not acknowledge the Urgent Messages then you are logged out of the website and sent back to the home page.


Question Image I forgot my Password, what now? Back to Top

On the login screen, click the Forgot Password link and you will be taken to a screen asking you to either answer your secret questions and answers or to use email to reset your password.

Choose whichever option you want and follow the directions to reset your password.

Question Image I forgot my User ID, what now? Back to Top

If you have forgotten your User ID you must contact us directly to retrieve it. We have no way for website to find or display your personal User ID.

Question Image How can I find an old Order? Back to Top

In the Menu, under My Account go to My Order History. Input the address number and click Search.

All orders that match the address information you entered will show up for your account.

Question Image The website says, I can't proceed when starting an order. Back to Top

If the website stops you during the order process with a message that says something similar to, "Your account has no way in which to provide payment" or "Your account can not check out", you must verify your credit cards on file.

Because the order process can take up a lot of time in certain circumstances the website will check to ensure your account has at least 1 active credit card on file or that your account allows for billing. If your account has no valid credit cards or doesn’t allow billing then you will be stopped before you start the order process.


Question Image What are the Order Statuses used? Back to Top

New - Order is newly submitted.

In Queue - Order is In Queue awaiting acceptance/assignment.

In Progress - Order has been accepted and is in process of being completed. Your order can go into this status ahead of actual progress starting and can stay in this status until it is recorded in the system as having been completed.

On Hold - The order has been put on hold for various reasons.

Completed - Order has been completed.

Cancelled - Order has been cancelled by either the customer or the company. Reasons for cancellations are numerous but usually is because of customer requests.

Refunded - Order or portion of the order has been refunded.

Question Image Is my Information Secure? Back to Top

Yes - we use three forms of encryption to ensure that your sensitive information is not leaked or useable to others in the rare case of a data breach.

Our sensitive pages are protected by Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) so that the data being sent between your computer and our website is protected.

Our database stores all sensitive information in an encrypted form using 256 bit Symmetric encryption.

Our security protocols ensure that encryption keys are not stored in a way that can be retrieved or used on remote systems, this ensures that even if our data is stolen it can't be read or used by the thief.

We take security seriously and have designed a secure system.


Question Image Who can see my Credit Card number? Back to Top

Short answer: no one.

Not even Administrators of our system can access your credit card number or secret code directly. It is not displayed or presented on the website in any fashion.

So basically, the only one who can see your credit card is the computer system and our merchant provider when you submit an order. Other than this situation you credit card information is completely confidential.


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