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Item/Product Description Price
4X8 Back Bracing (LooseSoil... (48bb) $175.00
Back To Back (btb48) $125.00
Back To Back Removal (btb48...)Thumbnail Product Image Back To Back Removal $50.00
Building Install (bu48) $125.00
Building Install Removal (bu48r)Thumbnail Product Image Building Install Removal $50.00
comm removal (bcr) $50.00
Commercial Post Removal (GCr)Thumbnail Product Image *** WARNING *** Order this item if AND ONLY IF you have a commercial sign post that needs removed that WAS NOT ORDERED ORIGINALLY THROUGH THIS WEBSITE . $50.00
Commercial Single Post Remo... (wp44r)Thumbnail Product Image Commercial Single Post Removal $50.00
Commercial Two Post (C2P) Installation of Commerical SIgn on Two 8 foot metal Posts $115.00
Commercial Two Post Removal (C2Pr)Thumbnail Product Image $50.00
Commerical Trip/Repair (cmtrp) $50.00
Re-install (REI) $50.00
Repair Commerical Sign grou... (repc) $50.00
tag (tag) $50.00
V Configuration (v48) $155.00
V Configuration Removal (v48r)Thumbnail Product Image Commercial Single Post Removal $50.00
Wood Post w/4X4 (wp44) $125.00
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